Help! is almost 3!

help!A bit amazed by this … These are NCLA Gov Resources Section’s webinars ( since April 2011. We will be three years old in April and still going strong. Thanks to all of our volunteers! You make this possible!

April: The basics with Bryna Coonin
May: Genealogy Using Government Information with Jane Johnson
June: American Community Survey and Census 2010 with Michele Hayslett
June: Economic Census with Mray Scanlon
July: Beyond Google: Effective Patent Searching in Every Library with David Zwicky and Hyun-Duck Chung
July: Resources for Guard and Reserve Soldiers and their Families with David Durant
September: Good Health (Information) in North Carolina with Rebecca Hyman
September: State Agency Databases with Daniel Cornwall
November: Beginner’s Guide to Legislative History with Rebecca Hyman
November: Maps and geospatial information from the federal government with Marcy Bidney
December: PubMed, PubMed Central, and Medlineplus – What’s the difference? with Lea Leininger

January: Creative Commons with Rosalind Tedford
February: Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project (WVHP) with Beth Ann Koelsch
February: Government Resources of the European Union with Howard Carrier
April: International Government information with Jim Church
May: American Community Survey with Michele Hayslett
June: Hunting Down Fugitives and What to Do With Them Once You Found Them with Vicki Tate
September: Researching the House Un-American Activities Committee with David Durant
September: Mooooooore Data at the USDA! with Amy West
November: United Nations Statistics and Data Resources with Melanie Maskin
December: British and Commonwealth legal materials with Howard Carrier

January: Information for International Development: Poverty Reduction, International Organizations, and Civil Society with Jim Church
February: Homeland Security Digital Library with Greta Marlatt
March: All you ever wanted to know about Economic Indicators! with Mary Scanlon
April: Come to Your Census: the development of the U.S. Census from its inception to the present with Bryna Coonin
May: Legal Research …Without the Law Library with Jennifer Behrens
June: Just the Facts, Ma’am!  Getting Started with the U.S. Census & American FactFinder with Katharin Peter
August: Climbing Capitol Hill: The Basics of Congressional Research with Rosalind Tedford
August: Historical Economic Data Sources & Economic Time Travel with Pamela Campbell
October: I Didn’t Know I Could Do That!: using government and government-related websites for research on just about anything Alex Simons
November: Geocoding for Beginners with Christine Murray
December: Secrets of the Congressional Record with Melanie Maksin

February:  Keeping  up with Congress with Jeremy Darrington
March: Tracking Federal Legislation with Pix Fleming