Books! The Twelfth Enchantment by David Liss

I doubt I’ll make my 52 books for Cannonball Read, but I’ve read more this year than last already. Woohoo! So, in the spirit of completion I have a backlog of reviews.

The Twelfth Enchantment was recommended to me by a friend and I am thankful for that. I had never heard of David Liss and now I want to read more of his works. If you have recommendations, let me know.

It is about a soon-to-be destitute young woman in early nineteenth century England who discovers through a random string of circumstances, and a run in with Lord Byron, that she is capable of much more. Magic, secret societies, fairies are all present but with unique twists.

I was a bit skeptical, especially after the Discovery of Witches, but it was quite entertaining. It was one of the few books this year that I couldn’t wait to return home to. Great read if you are looking for a well-written adult historical fantasy-romance.

3 thoughts on “Books! The Twelfth Enchantment by David Liss

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